MH’s RuLes

MH’s Rules
1. Always trust that little voice in your head; it’s probably right.
2. Cry when you need to
3. Don’t get your hopes up.
4. Never suspect!
5. Break the rules every now and then
6. Take time to soak in the beauty around you.
7. Believe in yourself
8. Think before you speak
9. Try to wait. Good things happen to those who wait.
10. Don’t be judgmental.
11. Always try your best that’s all anybody can ask of you.
12. Be aware of your surroundings
13. Ignore the devil at all cost.
14. Always be there for your friends
15. Pay attention to detail.
16. Second chances are a gift, don’t spoil them
17. Listen to your heart
18. Take a nap when you need to.
19. Listen to your body.
20. Enjoy the moment, it may never come again
21. Life has no age limit
22. Live life with no regrets
23. Temptations are ALWAYS knocking it’s okay not to let them in.
24. Doing something again doesn’t make the act right.
25. Gods grace covers all.
26. Good things happen to those who wait.
27. Always double check!
28. Be joyful in all things!


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