My favorite scene in the movie, Evan Almighty, features Morgan Freeman(God) and Steve Carrell(evan).
God asks Evan, ‘ How do you change the world?’
Evan answered, ‘One act of Random Kindness at a time.’
one Act of Random indness

that statement is true, just one act of kindness can change the world.
yesterday, I was offered that gift. I was eating at a local restaurant and there was this lady I have never met was eating done the counter. When the lady was done eating she grabbed her things and left. after she walked out of the door the waitress came over to here I was seated and asked me if I knew her. I didn’t know here so I replied ‘No mam.’ the waitress told me she paid for my bill. when the waitress said that, I thought I was going to cry. When a random stranger pays your way for something it feels you with a joyful glee!
that lady knew in her heart, that I was wondering how I was going to pay for my lunch.

I think we all were a little kind the world would be a better place. if we all treated our neighbors like we want to be treated amazing things would happen in our culture.
if we took the advice of Evan Almighty and change the world with one Act of Random Kindness things would change.


Going After God Dreams

I am a planner.

I have had my life planned out since middle school. I would go to the University of Georgia’s journalism college, and then make a living as a writer. The ultimate goal was to be a New York Time’s Best-Selling author. That has always been my plan.

Last night, a friend was asking me my plans. I told her, ‘I’m kind of torn. It has been my dream to do journalism since middle school, but I feel God is calling me to go into social work to be a counselor.’

When I asked God into my life, I agreed for him to have his way in my life. Maybe fifteen minutes after that conversation, a the speaking pastor at a collegiate worship service said, ‘ Spiritual maturity is going after what God wants for you and saying no to what we want.’ When I heard that, it was like a punch in the stomach. I have been so focused on what I want and have pushed God’s intentions to the side.

For years I have prayed,


Show me the direction you want me to take with my future. It is all about you. I will go wherever you lead me.’

but I was too focused on what I wanted opposed to what God wanted for me.  I have kept the dream of being a journalist as an idol and pushed God’s dreams and goals for me on the back burner.

In the worship that followed, I realized that I had been going about my future all wrong. I had been so attentive on what I wanted and had not even considered the future God has planned for me. A future so worth living.

This morning I went in prayer to God, and asked for forgiveness for my unawareness to his plan and purpose for me. Now, I can truly say that I am living for God. For his glory!