War Paint

I have the most respect and love for those men and women, who leave home and go to war, fight for you and me, and die a hero’s death. It give me so much pride when my friends say, ‘I am joining the Marines’ or I am joining the Army.’ While they are fighting over the big pond (as my grandmother used to say) we are fighting over here.
Every day we go to war. A war for pure thought, pure actions, and pure motives. In today’s culture it is a battlefield to fight for purity. This summer I got in the habit of putting my “war paint” on every day. Not that I had anywhere to go, but because I needed to fight off the Enemy. Growing up with two brothers, my sister and I were teased that our respective makeup was war paint. I like that and am adopting that (sorry, bros!!)
This last year was a hard one for me emotionally; I wouldn’t say I was heartbroken, however my heart took some serious shrapnel. I am still healing from that and the Enemy is trying to take advantage of my vulnerability, hints the war paint. A warrior puts on war paint before going into war. We need to be ready for war against the Enemy every day, it’s only a matter of time before the first shot is fired.


Let’s be warriors, let’s have our weapons at the ready when he starts firing.