The Gift of Freedom

Freedom doesn’t come free

There was a price to pay

A sacrifice to give away

A life was given so we could stay

In a country where freedom regins

Where the eagle flies free

We are free Amerians

Let us never forget

Who gave us that gift

The gift of Freedom


Make Life Matter

We all face death. Death is a part of life. Death is a beautiful part of life. We never look at death as a lovely part of life, myself included. We look at death as the ending, but it’s just the beginning. We will never see that smiling face again and that’s true you will not see their face again on this side of heaven. Our final earthly breath transports us into an eternal presence with the King.

Life is quite a journey. Last weekend I was preparing for my sister’s wedding and this weekend I was attending a funeral. It just goes to show you the briefness of life. We are only here for a little while, make that little bit matter.

“Live for today, tomorrow isn’t promised.”

None of us are guaranteed tomorrow. So, do what you need to get done today. Say ‘I love you.’ Give bear hugs. Show the people you care about that you do. Life is too short to put off until tomorrow.

I still have doubts about eternity, but I am going to TRUST God.

Life is short, make it matter,