Covering up with a SMILE

We all have things we are not proud of and wish we could forget. We have things we want to sweep under the rug and pretend are not there. However, those things chase us and could possibly show up in our future. We can never get away from our temptations. They grow with us. The good news is God is ready to forgive us. He is ready to meet us in the middle of our mess.

I have done stuff in the past that I do not want people to know about. I am scared if I share certain things people will look at me differently. Therefore, I cover it up with a smile and pretend everything is okay, when I am really broken and hurting inside. I think we all do that. We are all scared our secrets will somehow come out into the light and people will view us differently for that. Therefore, we smile and pretend everything is fine and dandy.

Jeremiah 29:11 reads, “’For I know the plans I have for you’ says the Lord,’ plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

For a long time, I thought that my mistakes and failures would keep me from a happy and prosperous future, but just recently, it has been revealed to me that it is quite the opposite. My mistakes, failures, and regrets, do not hinder me from the future God has planned for me. God has immeasurably more plan for each one of us. And no matter what you have done in the past will be able to keep you from the future God has planned for you. Today is a new day; the past in is the past. Ask forgiveness and move on.

“God has a future planned for you (and me) that is totally worth living”

Blessings, Mary Hannah


A Blessing in disguise


2015 was a year of blessings in disguise for me.

In 2014, we moved and in the process of moving, a gray and white kitten came out of the woods and adopted us. Little did we know that kitten would transform our lives.

How does a 5-pound kitten change six different lives? The only answer I have is God. I believe God sent the kitten, we named Cricket to help ease the pain of moving. We were moving into what was my grandparents’ house and Cricket provided endless entertainment. She loved to chase paper cups and the seal off creamer containers around the new hardwood floors we have.

She was less than a year old when we had to put her down. That day was hard on all of us. I did not realize until months afterwards how much she changed our lives. She was our blessing in disguise.


This morning while I was typing this post my mom came into the living room and told me she dreamt of Cricket.

Cricket may be gone, but we will not be able to forget her. Her silliness and squirrel-nut-zipper actics!!



Love and God Bless You throughout the Coming Year,

Mary Hannah



Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to the New Year

My wish for you…

May all your hopes and plans come true

And the new year is good to you

May your problems be just a mist

And your goals checked off the list

May all your skies be blue

And all your dreams come true

And happy new year to you!