Perfect Plans

I have had my life planned since seventh grade; I would attend the University of Georgia, major in journalism and minor in photography. That was my plan for my life…God had a different plan.
With 4-H, I have the opportunity to go to the Georgia Capitol in downtown Atlanta. In Atlanta, the homeless people are there, but not everywhere you turn. The last time I went to Atlanta, I saw a homeless person sleeping in a doorway and all I could think was I’m thankful for my warm bed and a roof over my head.
This year I had the opportunity to accompany my employer to Boulder, Colorado. It is so beautiful out there!! Seeing the Rockies is an experience, I wouldn’t trade for the world. I’m from the south and being out west, there are a lot of differences (not to mention the time change), but one of the biggest differences I noticed when I was out there was all the homeless people. They are everywhere you turn in downtown Boulder. It’s rather sad to think about, that those people have nowhere to go. Most of them are asking for money, I remember feeling guilty walking by and not giving them anything.
God had a different plan for my life. I was jamming out to Matthew West’s “Do Something” when God put that picture of the homeless person, sleeping in the doorway, in my mind and I took that as He wants me to work with homeless people. I have always had a heart for helping people. Helping people in need is one of my strong suits. Whenever, we stop with 4-H at a fast-food joint I make sure all the younger kids have money and if not I will buy their food for them. Now, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I’m just trusting God and we’ll see what happens.
Next week is Thanksgiving, the day when the pilgrims shared their feast with the Indians. Share your feast with others. The pilgrims didn’t care that the Indians were a different color or lived in the woods, they just saw hungry faces and gave them something to eat.