Breaking Through the Armor


For years, I lived by the belief that I needed to be strong for my family. That crying was a sign of weakness, so I didn’t.   I bottled up all my emotions behind a suit of armor. My armor was so strong no one ever saw through it. No one knew I as really breaking inside. No one knew my pain. No one knew what emotions were inside, because I never let them out. Whenever I felt emotion rise to the surface, I would push them back behind my suit of armor. I lived that way for years, before I realized there was no shame in the tears I cried. My Heavenly Father doesn’t see crying as a sign of weakness, but a sign of worship. When we can’t find the words to say, tears speak on our behalf.

My grandmother told me that,

‘Girls don’t need a reason to cry.’

That is such wise advice I wish I took heed to it when Memaw shared it with me, but now I live by that.  My rule #2: Cry when you need to, is something I have got to work at.

Yesterday, I was feeling the need to cry, so I watched my favorite chick flick, 27 Dress, to cry. However, I spent so long pushing my emotions down that, I literally couldn’t cry. Okay, I did shed one tear, but that doesn’t count.

Last night, my suit of armor fell away. The light broke through. At Wesley, I cried for an hour, I think the last time I cried like that was 2 months ago. Sometimes we just need to cry and yesterday that was exactly what I needed. A cry to refresh my thinking and my heart.

Crying is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign that you’re human. It’s a sign that we can’t take the pressures of life and need Jesus. When we can’t find the words to say, we can literally cry out to Jesus.

“Here on earth, you will have trial and sorrows. But take heart I have overcome the world.”  -Jesus, John 16:33

This world is hard. We face trial, struggle and change every day, but take comfort in Jesus’ words. He has overcome every trial, struggle or change we may face.

So grab some tissues and have yourself a good cry; sometimes that’s all we need to see things clearer.


We are Children of God!

I was reading my prayer journal from November 2015 to July 2016 and stumbled across this passage from Clay Scroggins, one of my favorite preachers.
I thought you would enjoy it.

“I belong to God.

I have been chosen by God.

I am a new creation in him.

I am FORGIVEN by Him.

I am included in Him.

I am secure in Him.

I am complete in Jesus.

I am not alone.

I am dearly loved exactly how I am not how I am should to be.


I cannot be separated from the love of God.

I may approach God with freedom, boldness, and confidence.

I have been redeemed.

The sin in and against me has been CANCELED.

I have been made complete in Jesus.

I am a child of God.”

-Clay Scroggins






Slow Down, Take Time

“Through it all, through it all my eyes are on you.” (It Is Well, Bethel)

Even when the storms of life start barreling down on us, remember He will never let us go. even through the darkest valley and brightest day His love catches us. That is reason enough to Hope. Even when it hurt, remember He is faithful through the good and bad times. He will always be faithful.

“So let go my soul and trust in him.”

But I really want him to like me. I really want to be a published writer. I need to let go of my dreams and grab hold of God’s dreams for me. Let go and Let God. Nothing is impossible with God. there is nothing too great or too small, He doesn’t want to help you with.

“Fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning it’s shame and set down at the right hand of God.”(Heb. 12:2)



in years past, I have never felt like I have been able to get a break in my busy life. I have worked through my spring break and I never really got the break part. However, this year I was able to slow down, exhale and sit the presence of Jesus. Mostly because I left my home and spent time with my family in Dublin, Georgia. Even though I  was sayin in a busy household, I still found time to relax. Like this morning, I walked to the pond next to their house and sang some of my favorite worship songs. ‘Take Courage’ and ‘It Is Well’ both by Bethel. Were on my spiritual playlist this morning and ‘It Is Well’ is the lyrics featured in this blog post.





crushing the snake

Even though I am walking a rocky path, god will crush the Enemy under my feet and lead me into victory. Your promise in Romans 16:20, is to crush Satan under my feet. And none of your promises have failed.

 “God, Who is our peace, will soon crush Satan under your feet.“-Romans 16:20

Growing up, my grandparent’s lived on 113 acres and i loved exploring the property with my brothers. I don’t know who told me, but someone told me. when your in the woods, you need to step on sticks in your path. the idea was to crush the snakes-if there were any- under the sticks. however, i used to walk away from my path to find sticks snakes could be hiding under and crush them.

i was walking in the woods this past week and remembered that. i think of Satan as a conniving snake. Like the serpent in the garden. i also was relieved that in this journey we don’t have to walk out of the path set before us to crush the snakes. God has that covered. HE WILL AND IS CRUSHING THE SNAKES IN ALL OUR LIVES.


BTW, I have never killed a snake under a stick. God is good!!