God’s Gallery

There are many differences between a drawing and a painting. The way there are portrayed on the page, what they are put on, and the tints that are in them. For the first paragraph of my blog post I will share with you the differences between the two. I promise this ranting has a point.
One is put on a canvas and the other a piece of paper. One is painted with a paint brush and the other is done with a pencil. One is bursting with color and the other has little to no color in it. They have many differences, but some likenesses. When you are drawing or painting you can make mistakes and either erase or paint over them. They are both created by someone.
We are all created by God, whether you believe it or not. Before we accept Christ we are just pencil lines on a piece of paper. We do not have life. Life is given when we accept Christ. When we accept Christ beautiful things happen. Our plain pencil drawing turns into a great work of art. We, then, are bursting with bright colors.
Even after we accept Christ it does not mean we are at once a “Perfect Person”. We still make mistakes and screw up; it’s part of life. But when we are in the family of God, God can easily paint over our mistakes. And we are still a great work of art.
It is from this line of thinking I got the idea for my blog name, “The Back Drop to My Life Painting”…..
Years ago, maybe 5, I wanted to write my autobiography. If you have no idea what an autobiography is, I shall explain. A biography is the story you write of someone else’s life; an autobiography is a story you write about your own life. So I wanted to write the story of my life. And I’ve always heard that you should start with a title. When I need to think things through or think of a title for a book, I listen to music. I remember I had a note pad with me to write down the title, if I came up with it. I was listening to Ayiesha Wood’s “The Greatest Artist” when the idea hit me. The song talks about God as the “the greatest artist” we are His canvas and only He can paint our picture right. It has remained one of my favorite songs to this day. It was when the song said only He can paint it right was when the idea of ‘painting my life.’ Then the ‘backdrop’ part came from the impression that in my autobiography I would write about my family, friends, pets, hometown, and Jesus Christ. All those things are on the backdrop of my life. Viola, “The Back Drop to my Life Painting”.
I will close with a question, will you remain a drawing on a piece of paper or will you be an abstract painting on a piece of canvas hung in God’s Gallery?? The choice is up to you.


Being content with Apple Juice

My cousin and I are pen pals. Pen pal is a foreign term in today’s time, I will explain. Pen pals send letters through the mail to each other usually pen pals are people, who live a distance away from one another. My cousin and I live 2 hours away from each other. Yes, we could call each other, but calling long distance for 2 hours a week would not make our fathers happy. Therefore we are pen pals. In our letters, we ask each other questions; the last letter I got from her, she asked me a question I would like to share, ‘What has the Lord been teaching you?’ it did not take me long to come up with an answer.

Philippians 4:11 says, (NRSV) “Not that I am referring to being in need; I have learned to be content with whatever I have.” I can remember a time when I had to learn to be content with what I had. I was in the kitchen and I asked Mom, ‘Can I have more Apple Juice?’ over and over again. After about 6 times she said,  ‘You ask again and the answer is no!’. She was teaching to be content, but at the time I just wanted more Apple Juice.  ‘Content’ was not in my vocabulary. God has been teaching me to be content with His timing. I will admit His timing does not go along with my plan. Growing up when I would do something for my grandfather, he would say, “I’ll dance at your wedding.” For years I had thing image of me on the dance floor in a wedding dress with my grandfather in a wheelchair right next to me. For years I had this “dream”, when he passed away I do remember thinking, ‘He won’t be here to dance at my wedding.’ and sobbing. But that’s not the point, the point is that our plan and God’s plan are different. We see things happening as we want them to, but that is not how they seem to happen. A verse in the Bible that talks about His timing is, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, I suggest giving it a read.

I am going to work on being content with God’s timing in all aspect of my life and not focusing on jumping in to just “be happy”.

You know the story I told earlier in this blog post, yeah know I HATE Apple Juice!!! Be content with just a little bit and wait for God’s timing.



Running with Jesus

I accepted Jesus Christ when I was 7, I think. I can remember the exact night. It was a Wednesday night gathering at my church home. The leader asked for whomever wanted to invite Jesus in their heart to say a prayer. If you grew up in church you know the kind prayer I am talking about. One that goes something like, “Dear Jesus, I’m sorry for my sins. Please come into my heart. In Jesus Name, Amen.”
Looking back in hindsight, I think I was kind of pressured into it; like one of my friends were saying it so I thought I should too. But since then I have only dabbled in the whole Christianity thing. I’ve made mistakes and have regrets. I lived like that for the last 11 years or so. Making mistakes then running back to the arms of Christ for forgiveness. Then I heard of the great opportunity of The Mix.
I was privileged and blessed beyond measure to attend a spiritual pep rally called the Mix. It was indescribable, awesome, powerful, moving and any other adjective you would use to describe an event that changed your life. The worship was one of my parts the rally, Casey Darnell led us in song about “letting God’s light shine” in and through us. Our speaker for the weekend, Nick Person, used Scripture references from the first three chapters of Colossians. The talks were deep, but much needed. On Friday night, Nick’s talk revolved around Colossians 1 and something stuck out to me that I would like to share.
“Jesus changed everything about me.”
“Jesus is a big deal.”
“Everything happens because of Jesus.”
“Jesus is holding everything to together.”
“If death couldn’t hold Jesus, I’m following him.”
“He gave His life to save yours.”
“Surrender to Him.”
After those were said Nick started a prayer that we could repeat if we wanted to surrender our hearts to Jesus. This prayer was different than the one I stated earlier. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but one phrase has been frozen in my mind since I heard it,
“I’m not perfect.”
It took eleven years of mistakes and regrets for that to make sense. Nothing we can do can make us earn the rank of “PERFECT”. When Nick invited people to repeat this prayer after him, I am proud to say I was in that number. There was an unrelenting thumping on my heart; like someone knocking on a door. Maybe it was Jesus knocking on the door of my soul and I let him in. This life is too hard to travel on my own.
As of January 24, 2014, I am team Jesus. Running the race with Him.

God bless,