crushing the snake

Even though I am walking a rocky path, god will crush the Enemy under my feet and lead me into victory. Your promise in Romans 16:20, is to crush Satan under my feet. And none of your promises have failed.

 “God, Who is our peace, will soon crush Satan under your feet.“-Romans 16:20

Growing up, my grandparent’s lived on 113 acres and i loved exploring the property with my brothers. I don’t know who told me, but someone told me. when your in the woods, you need to step on sticks in your path. the idea was to crush the snakes-if there were any- under the sticks. however, i used to walk away from my path to find sticks snakes could be hiding under and crush them.

i was walking in the woods this past week and remembered that. i think of Satan as a conniving snake. Like the serpent in the garden. i also was relieved that in this journey we don’t have to walk out of the path set before us to crush the snakes. God has that covered. HE WILL AND IS CRUSHING THE SNAKES IN ALL OUR LIVES.


BTW, I have never killed a snake under a stick. God is good!!





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