Worrying over 6 stitches

if I had to say what my life goal has been to not injure myself badly enough to be treated with stitches.

Growing up with two brothers, I have seen my share of gashes and stitches. collectively my brothers have over forty stitches and did not want an invitation to that party. there was a time I may have had to get stitches and the fuss I made would make any toddler proud. thankfully they put glue on it and sent me home.

As of Leap Day 2016, my goal was not met. it was Leap Day and I thought why not do something I have never done before: get stitches. I cut my leg and my parents took me to get stitched up. I got six stitches and lived to tell about it.

I realize now why the thought of stitches was so uninviting to me; well, I had heard my younger brothers horror stitches stories. but it was an unknown, something I had not experienced and frankly I was scared. When the doctor, asked me if I wanted stitches or to let it heal on its own. everything in me was screaming,’I don’t want stitches!’ But when I agreed to stitches, so it would heal nicer, a quote ran through my head.

“Worrying doesn’t change anything.”

I had read it in Sadie Robertson’s Live Original and that quote has sustained me through many scary times.

“Worrying doesn’t change anything.”

Why do we worry?
God has the situation under control. Why we calculate so much worry over it, God is in control. I think as humans we are prone to worry. However in Matthew 6:25-34 Jesus tells us to stop worrying for it cannot add one hour to your life.
Matthew 6:34, says,
“There do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow worry about itself. Each day has enough worry of it own.” That verse has helped me overcome my anxiety over all the tomorrows of my life and it an help you too! 🙂
“Worrying doesn’t change anything. ” God has already written this chapter of your life, make it a best-seller!!
Have a great day!!
I have gotten my stitches out and have a half-inch scar on my calf! 🙂


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