A Blessing in disguise


2015 was a year of blessings in disguise for me.

In 2014, we moved and in the process of moving, a gray and white kitten came out of the woods and adopted us. Little did we know that kitten would transform our lives.

How does a 5-pound kitten change six different lives? The only answer I have is God. I believe God sent the kitten, we named Cricket to help ease the pain of moving. We were moving into what was my grandparents’ house and Cricket provided endless entertainment. She loved to chase paper cups and the seal off creamer containers around the new hardwood floors we have.

She was less than a year old when we had to put her down. That day was hard on all of us. I did not realize until months afterwards how much she changed our lives. She was our blessing in disguise.


This morning while I was typing this post my mom came into the living room and told me she dreamt of Cricket.

Cricket may be gone, but we will not be able to forget her. Her silliness and squirrel-nut-zipper actics!!



Love and God Bless You throughout the Coming Year,

Mary Hannah



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