At my church, we are doing a series on emotional health. We do not focus enough on that topic. We spend time on our physical health, getting a gym membership and getting a personal trainer. In addition, our spiritual health matters to us in the time we spend at church and in quiet time with God. However, our emotional health is put on the back burner and is forgotten. The tagline for this series is, “It’s OK to not be OK, but it’’s not OK to stay that way.” I have experienced feelings I have not wanted to feel in years.it has allowed me to open a barrier that I unconsciously set between God and me. It was last Saturday, when I broke the barrier and listened to God. I was outside on an unseasonably warm day for Georgia, sitting on the swing under the blue sky. I talked to God about my emotional health. I cannot remember the last time I sat and listened. Immeasurable things happen, if you just listen to God’s voice.

Last month, I read the book of John and came across a verse that is so revealing and promising to me. John 5:17, “My father is always working and so am I.” when I read that it was like a wow- that’s deep moment. I had to reread it like four times to comprehend it; I still don’t fully. However, I have a better understanding now. God is ALWAYS at work in my life. Even when I don’t feel him, he is there working, planning, giving me a future. I realize now when I read that I was just going through the motions. Living without a purpose. And it made me realize that I do have a purpose in life right now. My purpose is to live for Jesus and learn more about Him and who I am.

So, if you feel like your going through the motions and cannot feel God, let me assure you He’s not done with you. The best is yet to come.




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