Broken,but Beautiful

We all have scars. Scars from our past. Whether literal, physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental, we all have scars from who we used to be.
I have a literal 4-inch scar in my scalp. When I was 17months old, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Lingerhan Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). LCH presents itself when your white blood cells mass produce. When the white blood cells mass produce they erode the bone and/or tissue around them. In my case, those little boogers eroded holes in my skull and part of my pituitary gland. I don’t remember anything from that point of my life, I was broken.
And I also have emotional and spiritual scars from my temptations that turned to bad habits to addictions. I was very broken at that point and I’m still not out of that completely.
But I have been broken more often than whole in my life, many more times than I have shared. But God takes our brokenness and turns it into something beautiful.
I’m not saying there will be times I will not be broken again, but now I know God will make this into beauty.
I am broken,but I am beautiful.


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