All-in with God

“My aim is to say no to self and yes to Jesus every time.”
– William Borden
William Whiting Borden was born in 1887, to William Borden and Mary Degama Whiting. Borden graduated for Yale University in 1909 and later from Princeton Theological Seminary. He was heir to Borden Inc. (evaporated milk), but chose to give his life to the work of Jesus Christ and became a missionary to the Muslims of Northern China. He died when he was 25years old and is buried in the American Cemetery in Cairo.
After his death, his family received his Bible; in it they found three phrases and three dates.
‘ No reserves’ and the date he decided to do Chris’s work.
‘ No retreats’ with the date his father told him he could not work in the family business. And shortly before he passed away, he wrote,’No regrets’.
There is a point I told you the story of William Borden; he was all-in. He trusted God with everything, his life. He put all his chips on the table and allowed God to work through him.
When you are playing a game of poker and have, what you think, is a really hand, you go all in. Which means you put all your chip in the center of the table and hold nothing back. Same with what God wants.
God wants us to lay all the chips of our life on the center of the table and hold nothing back; be all in. Trust God with your life, your hopes, your dreams, your relationships, and your future. Don’t hold anything back, be all-in.
No reserves.
No retreats.
No regrets.

In His Love,

Mary Hannah


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