Good Friday to Easter Sunday

We woke up this morning and saw on the calendar it was Good Friday.
Good Friday is the day Christ was crucified for all the sin committed by future generations. Most people do not know that after Christ was nail to that tree on Calvary’s hill, there was a great storm. An earthquake, the gospel of Matthew says. And this poem, I wrote put words to the feels everyone had that day.

Lightning cracks, you treble inside
Thunder rumbles, you want to hide
Why do you fear inside?
Do you know after the storm comes a light?
So bright
It shines through the night
The Lord of might
Jesus at the right
Carried the weight
Of our burdens to the cross that night
Through the clouds it comes
Can’t hide
Can’t stay inside
Want to tell the world of his might
What He can do for your fright

After Christ died on the cross, He was put in a tomb, but a day later light was again upon the earth, when Christ rose from the dead. Easter Sunday we celebrate the day Christ rose.


2 thoughts on “Good Friday to Easter Sunday”

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed reading your post. I loved how you paired something as historic like the crucifixion of Christ with something that came out In presEnt day. I’ve never seen Saving Private Ryan,but now i have to! Thank you for reading my blog and your feedback!!

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