God’s Gallery

There are many differences between a drawing and a painting. The way there are portrayed on the page, what they are put on, and the tints that are in them. For the first paragraph of my blog post I will share with you the differences between the two. I promise this ranting has a point.
One is put on a canvas and the other a piece of paper. One is painted with a paint brush and the other is done with a pencil. One is bursting with color and the other has little to no color in it. They have many differences, but some likenesses. When you are drawing or painting you can make mistakes and either erase or paint over them. They are both created by someone.
We are all created by God, whether you believe it or not. Before we accept Christ we are just pencil lines on a piece of paper. We do not have life. Life is given when we accept Christ. When we accept Christ beautiful things happen. Our plain pencil drawing turns into a great work of art. We, then, are bursting with bright colors.
Even after we accept Christ it does not mean we are at once a “Perfect Person”. We still make mistakes and screw up; it’s part of life. But when we are in the family of God, God can easily paint over our mistakes. And we are still a great work of art.
It is from this line of thinking I got the idea for my blog name, “The Back Drop to My Life Painting”…..
Years ago, maybe 5, I wanted to write my autobiography. If you have no idea what an autobiography is, I shall explain. A biography is the story you write of someone else’s life; an autobiography is a story you write about your own life. So I wanted to write the story of my life. And I’ve always heard that you should start with a title. When I need to think things through or think of a title for a book, I listen to music. I remember I had a note pad with me to write down the title, if I came up with it. I was listening to Ayiesha Wood’s “The Greatest Artist” when the idea hit me. The song talks about God as the “the greatest artist” we are His canvas and only He can paint our picture right. It has remained one of my favorite songs to this day. It was when the song said only He can paint it right was when the idea of ‘painting my life.’ Then the ‘backdrop’ part came from the impression that in my autobiography I would write about my family, friends, pets, hometown, and Jesus Christ. All those things are on the backdrop of my life. Viola, “The Back Drop to my Life Painting”.
I will close with a question, will you remain a drawing on a piece of paper or will you be an abstract painting on a piece of canvas hung in God’s Gallery?? The choice is up to you.


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