“What we take for granted, others are praying for. “

‘My first Annual Conference has been this week. I didn’t really have any expectations of what it was going to be like. Now that I’m here I find that the sessions are boring, but fellowshipping with other Christians from this great Peach State has been one of the best experiences of my life.
Our theme for the conference has been Bridges to Missions. We heard from people from Portugal,Russia, the Bahamas, the Philippines, El Salvador, and East Africa- Kenya. Out of all the presentations I saw, the one bout Kenya meant the most to me.
The slideshow was so moving. It showed the poverty of Kenya, their “houses” if you can call them that. They were just sticks with tarps over them. And the water they did have carried diseases.
The title of this post, ” What we take for granted, people are praying for.” I heard that quote during a sermon at church, and got me to thinking. Things we take for granted like a warm bed, a roof over our heads, a loving family, and clean water others are praying/working for.
In Kenya, to get water they walk about 4 miles to get water and back to their village with a 50pounds of water on their head!!!
In America, we have to walk about 6feet to get water from the kitchen faucet.

At their table, I got a bracelet. That I will wear to remind me of two things:
1. To pray for the people of Kenya.

2. That’s it not easy for everyone to get water.

Please pray for the people of Kenya!!!



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