Lessons Learned

I have learned many lessons this week, while nannying in St. Simons.They inculde the following:
NEVER EVER put dish soap in an automatic dishwasher. The results my be sudsy!! Like the kitchen floor this morning, I’m told it looked like snow was covering the floor( I hate I missed that part!!) Soap suds were all in the dishwasher,let’s just say those dishes were very clean!!!

Also patience is a virtue that everyone should know. It takes time to realized how much patience a single person needs. But I need a lot!!!!

Also, only the truth can set you free!! Telling the truth will help you along this path called life. Always tell the truth!!

After spending almost 5 days with 3 kids under 5years old, I have learned that having 5 kids isn’t for me. That’s how many I wanted up ’til this weekend. Now 3 is a good number. But I’ve got time to decide(wonder if i should get my future husband’s option…I just might)

And next time, I need to have a larger suit case. And pack jeans, I was soo cold(I know this the beach, where it’s supposed to be warm. Yeah right!! The wind was wicked strong!!!)

This weekend has been full of lessons to learn. But when you mess up, learn from it and keep going. Like the songs says ” You gotta keep your head up…” In closing, My last thought for the week,is when the going gets tough,laugh. It’ll make you feel better about the situation at hand. Laughing is God’s music, so lighten the mood with a good laugh!!!


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